This article is about the child

. For the parent , see Mother Zandrias


Zandrias is one of the side characters of the first Kaiju Girls anime.

Zandrias is based on the child Zandrias from Ultraman 80. The other Zandrias being the parent Zandrias


Zandrias has lilac hair and red eyes. She has a small childlike stature.


Sachiko is very rebellious and would often fight with her mother.[1]


Zandrias first appeared in the anime as a berserk Kaiju girl after running away from her home due to a fight with her mother, leading to her causing havoc in the town until Red King knocked her out.

She was later taken in by GIRLS. And she became an apprentice of Red King and went several, questionable trainings.

At some point, she became friends with Misao Otonashi and started a rock band together.

Sachiko isn't good with electronics and has problems when handling computers. She works as a mascot for Metron store.


  • Official Illustration by: 猫缶まっしぐら(ニトロプラス)
  • The two Zandrias shares the same voice actress
  • Zandrias and Noiseler's character song is titled Forgive me, kay? and it's sung by their voice actresses Kaede Yuasa and Arisa Kiyoto respectively.
  • Similar to Riho Iida, Kaede Yuasa would later portray an AI named D.R.L.N. in Ultraman R/B.


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