Ultra Journey - Twin Tail Shōjo to Twin Tail Boku is a manga serialized in Monthly Shōnen Sirius from December 27, 2017 to April 11, 2018.

It is loosely based on The Wizard of Oz. It has the furthest departure compared to the other versions of the Anthropomorphic project, as the characters merely takes the monsters they're based on as motifs as opposed of being them or having their powers.


Hina and Nata lived as childhood friends born on the same birthday of the same year. However, after the entering to high school, Nata decided to leave the town and gradually became estranged from Hina because of that. One day two witches Sabbath and Pargo mysteriously landed on Earth. Nata protected Hina from one of Sabbath's attack and receives a fatal injury. The other witch, Pargo who saw that gives Hina and Nata a magical power, tells Nata to go on an adventure with Hina to regain his lost body.

Thus, the adventurous journey of Hina and Nata began to regain what they lost and to stop the ambition of Sabbath...


Character name

Monsters they're based on

Corresponding Wizard of Oz character

Hina / Hinata Shima (双舞ヒナタ) Twintail Dorothy
Nata / Hinata Ebihara (海老原陽太) Twintail Toto
Ojou (お嬢) / JO-007 King Joe The tin man
Miku (ミク) Miclas The cowardly lion
Garako (ガラ子) Garamon The Scarecrow
Sabbath (サバト) Pressure The wicked witch of the west
Pargo (パルゴ) Pressure The good witch of the north
Boosko (ブウス子) Booska
Chamegon (ちゃめゴン) Chamegon
Black (ブラック) King Joe Black
Geronimon (ジェロニモン) Geronimon
Fire and poison bird monster (火と毒の怪鳥) Birdon
Lord (領主)
Glycine (グリシーヌ) Tigrisflower
The curse of rose (呪いの薔薇) Astromons & Keronia
Baktari (バクタリ) Baktari
Owner of the theater (劇場の主) Alien Magma
Owner of the theater Rolan
Dada troops (ダダ兵) Dada
Giant of light (光の巨人) Ultraman
  • King Ele Lizard (キングエレトカゲ), Eleking
  • Rako (ラコ), Dorako
  • Teles (テレス ), Telesdon


  • Earth
  • Pedan city (ペダンシティー )
  • God tree Mars (神樹マルス)
  • Emerald castle (エメラルド城)
  • Dome (ドーム)


  • Wanderer (彷徨う者)
  • Red shoes (赤い靴)