Pigmon is one of the side characters of the first Kaiju Girls anime.

Pigmon is based on a recurring friendly Kaiju from the Ultra franchise.


Pigmon has a very long red hair tied as pigtails. She has a small physique.


Tomomi is a friendly person, she has a smile on her face most of the time, though she can also be scary at times even with her smile.


The Beginning Stories that Tomoi is one of the founding members of GIRLS alongside Makoto.

Tomomi is on the same grade as Mikazuki. She is the Kaiju Girl who is in charge of the capsule girls trio.

Despite being a kaiju girl, Tomomi is very weak compared to the others, even sports training will get her tired easily.


  • Official Illustration by: 爆天童
  • Pigmon's character song is titled P!P!P! Pigmon and it's sung by her voice actress Sora Tokui.
  • The original Pigmon is a human-sized friendly kaiju with no combat abilities, hence Tomomi being friendly yet very weak.


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