The name or term Gomora refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Gomora.
Mikazuki Kuroda
黒田ミカツキ, Kuroda Mikatsuki


Gomora casual

Nickname(s) Gomotan

GomGom (by Tomomi)

Kaiju Girl Alias Gomora
Designed by Minoa (Nitroplus)
Gender Female
Blood Type B
Date of Birth January 8
Affiliation GIRLS
First Appearance Transform? Kaiju Girls!?
Voiced by Ayaka Suwa

Gomora (Japanese: ゴモラ, Gomora), real name Mikazuki Kuroda (Japanese: 黒田ミカツキ, Kuroda Mikatsuki), is a character from the Kaiju Girls anime series.



Born in Osaka, Mikazuki is one of the participants of 'Big Kaiju Battle'.

She inherited the soul of Gomora


Mikazuki is an easy going and very talkative person. She loves joking around with others (especially Aki).

She also has a mischievous side as well, as revealed in the second novel series.

She would occasionally talk in Kansai dialect.


In addition to having standard kaiju girl abilities like enhanced strength, shell-composite armors and high damage resistant, Mikazuki has the ability to performs the Super Oscillatory Wave attack, as shown in Big Kaiju Battle.


Gomora first seen on TV participating in Great Kaiju Fights against Red King.


  • Gomora and Red King's character song is titled Kaiju: put your hands up! and it's sung by their voice actresses Ayaka Suwa and Hiromi Igarashi respectively.