The first official Kaiju Girls anime, it is a gag anime produced by Tsuburaya Productions and animated by Studio PuYUKAI. it has two seasons, the first one aired from September 27, 2016, to December 13, 2016. The second one aired from January 9, 2018, to March 27, 2018.

The anime centers around the UltraSeven capsule monster, Agira.

An anime movie titled Kaiju Girls Black is planned to release on November 23, 2018.


It has been years since the battle between the human race and the monsters has ended, and a new era of peace has started. In the present day, girls who contain the souls of past monsters have appeared and possess the ability to summon their inner monster forms, called Kaiju Girls. An organization called GIRLS has formed to collect them.[1]

Character list

Characters sorted by appearance and relevancy
Season 1 Agira  •  Miclas  •  Windom  •  Pigmon  •  Zetton  •  Gomora  •  Red King  •  Eleking  •  Zandrias  •  Bemular (Mentioned and silhouette cameo) •  Live King (Untransformed)  •  Ultraseven (Voice only)
Season 2 King Joe  •  JJ  •  Alien Guts  •  Maga Jappa  •  Maga Basser  •  Shadow Guts  •  Mother Zandrias  •  Noiseler  •  Commander Black


  • Soulriser
  • Daikaiju Fight
  • Mishirushi River flood
  • Shadows
  • A Pit-In for You! (お前にピットイン!)

Episode list

Season 1

  1. We're Kaiju Girls?!
  2. Transform? Kaiju Girls!?
  3. Transform! Kaiju Girls!?
  4. Hand them out! Kaiju Girls!?
  5. Senpai! Kaiju Girls!?
  6. Worry! Kaiju Girls!?
  7. Fight! Kaiju Girls!?
  8. Joke! Kaiju Girls!?
  9. Going Berserk? Kaiju Girls!?
  10. Jump! Kaiju Girls!?
  11. Exam! Kaiju Girls!?
  12. We're Kaiju Girls!!

Season 2

Season 2 focuses more on Agira and Alien Guts as a new type of Shadows emerge. Episode 2~11 features Tell Ele segments after the ending credits.

  1. Arrival! Kaiju Girls!?
  2. Shock! Kaiju Girls!?
  3. Cafe! Kaiju Girls!?
  4. Training! Kaiju Girls!?
  5. Around Town! Kaiju Girls!?
  6. Mom! Kaiju Girls!?
  7. Growth! Kaiju Girls!?
  8. Collision! Kaiju Girls!?
  9. Plan! Kaiju Girls!?
  10. On Stage! Kaiju Girls!?
  11. Kaiju Girls Settle the Score!?
  12. Together! Kaiju Girls!!


  • Original character designs


  • Supervisors

小澤洋介(Season 1)

黒澤桂(Season 2)

  • Director, Screenplay, Staging, Setting, Series Composition, Director of Photography

Asahina Minoru  (芦名みのる)

  • Chibi character designs / drawing director


  • Music


  • Art Director


  • Acoustic director

稲葉順一(Season 1)

郷文裕貴(Season 2)


  • Opening Theme: "Joujou ↑↑ GAO !! (上々↑↑GAO !!)"
    • Artist: Capsule Girls (かぷせるがーるず) (CV: Riho Iida, Aina Suzuki, Yurika Endou)
  • Ending Theme: Kaiju Heart (KAIJUハート)"
    • Artist: Capsule Girls (かぷせるがーるず) (CV: Riho Iida, Aina Suzuki, Yurika Endou)
  • Second season Ending Theme: Soul-ride ON!
    • Artist: Agira (CV: Riho Iida), King Joe (CV: Suzuko Mimori), Alien Guts (CV: Risae Matsuda)


  • The three main characters are all UltraSeven's capsule monsters.
  • Unlike other Kaiju Girls, Mother Zandrias debuts in this anime.
  • Commander Black makes a brief cameo at the end of season 2 as a teaser to what's to come.

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