The name or term Gatanothor refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Gatanothor.
ガタノゾーア, Gatanozōa
Gender Female
First Appearance Kaiju Girls Black
Voiced by Yui Ogura

This Gatanothor (Japanese: ガタノゾーア, Gatanozōa) is a character from the Kaiju Girls Black anime movie.



Compare to the Gatanothor in other continuities, this Gatanothor has a smaller shell on her head, and sporting normal long hair instead of tentacle-like. The snake heads were hidden inside the head shell.


Not much is know about Gatanothor.


While not much is known about her, she is known to be a sleepyhead.


As Silver Bloome finds out, Gatanothor's head shell will enlarges upon the consumption of chocolates. The snake head will also start showing from the head shell as it grows. The more chocolates she consumes, the bigger the head shell will become, which, at its largest size, resembles that of the original Gatanothor's form.


Gatanothor, a kaiju girl with an unknown background, was caught by Satsuki's Dark Zone in earlier part of the movie. She was eventually rescued by Commander Black when Satsuki recreate the Dark Zone, and was scouted by the Black Stars after they found out about the original kaiju she inherited the soul from.

It was later find out that Gatanothor can regains her power by consuming chocolates, when Silver Bloome gave her one due to the former's hungriness. Seeing this, Commander Black decided to use her power to doing her conquering dream.

Unfortunately, some of the chocolates Commander Black brought for her has brandy (a type of wine that contains alcohol) mixed in them. This prove to be the Black Stars' undoing, as Gatanothor got drunken from eating brandy-mixed chocolates and cause havoc around the city while in her enlarged shell form!

While the GIRLS and the Black Stars were no match for her, she was eventually pull into the Dark Zone by Satsuki, but not before she try to grab her with tentacles and drag her into it! Fortunately, Commander Black prevent that from happening by putting her under hypnosis using her ability. The drunken kaiju girl struggles, but eventually have her kaiju girl transformation deactivated by Satsuki's soulriser, and disappeared into the Dark Zone. What happened to Gatanothor after that is currently unknown.