GIRLS, also known as the International Kaiju Rescue & Mentoring Organization, is a guidance and defense organization in Kaiju Girls. They serve to bring in girls with the souls of ancient monsters living within them and turn them into protectors of peace, known as the Kaiju Girls.


It was unknown at which point of time GIRLS was formed, but it is a possibility that the organization came together after the "Mishirushi River flood" incident, in which is the first Kaiju Girl was discovered by the public.


Season 1

While the organization helps out society and holds events like the Daikaiju Fight series of television shows and idol meet-up sessions, this is only a front for their true goal: to stop the Shadows' invasion of the human world.

Agira, Windom, and Miclas are first promptly introduced to the organization when they receive invitation letters to cultivate and awaken their dormant Kaiju souls. After several preliminary lectures and physical training sessions, they join the GIRLS and become full-fledged members serving the organization.

After numerous undercover investigations, the GIRLS' first major incident came in a city battle against the Shadows, and two Shadow Beasts. The outcome came in a victory for the Kaiju Girls, who successfully subdued the Shadows and destroyed one of their nests (albeit done single-handedly by Zetton).

Season 2

Despite being on high alert after the Shadows' first attempt at invasion, GIRLS has now settled down due to a period of peace. However, this does not last long, as Guts's insecurities cause herself to split into two, the other half, known as Shadow Alien Guts, being infected with and controlled by the Shadow Mist. GIRLS has to deal with cases of innocent citizens being intoxicated by the Shadow Mist as well, which places a great strain on their usual methods of destroying the Shadow (using brute force).

Eventually, with the help of her fellow comrades, Guts manages to subdue her other self in a climactic battle. The GIRLS then have to deal with their greatest threat yet: the Shadow General, a high commander of the Shadow. Alongside two other Shadow Beasts, the GIRLS manage to beat down their foes in the end.


GIRLS Members
Anime Agira  •  Miclas  •  Windom  •  Pigmon  •  Zetton  •  Red King  •  Eleking  •  Gomora  •  Zandrias  •  King Joe  •  Alien Guts  •  Noiseler  •  Maga Basser  •  Maga Jappa
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  • It is currently unknown whether or not the Nova is the same ones in the Kaiju Girls Black movie