The name or term Alien Mefilas refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Alien Mefilas.

Emiri Nishina
仁科 エミリ, Nishina Emiri
Kaiju Girl Alias Alien Mefilas
Designed by Haruken
Gender Female
First Appearance From the Silver World

Emiri Nishina (Japanese: 仁科 エミリ, Nishina Emiri), also known by her kaiju girl alias Alien Mefilas (Japanese: メフィラス星人, Mefirasu Seijin), is a character from Kaiju Girls: The Beginning Stories.

A kaiju girl who inherited the soul of the Alien Mefilas and a young carrier woman who is a shop owner and fashion designer of the brand shop "NISHINA", Emiri didn't join GIRLS due to unknown reason. She is the older sister to Karen, who is also a fellow kaiju girl.



Most of the time, Emiri is well-mannered, but starts getting excited once she saw the beautiful lady who she think has talent as a fashion model. Emiri is very calm, yet scary when angered, especially toward Karen after finding out the latter's involvement in Hiromi's kidnapping.


One day, Emiri and her sister Karen were working inside the shop as usual, until both of them senses a kaiju girl nearby.

Following the trace, however, had led them to encounter both Makoto and Hiromi, who both walking around the street for the latter's birthday. Seeing the ruckus that is Hiromi being upset toward Makoto and running away from him after Izumi shows up, Emiri return to the shop, but not before her sister Karen, who had some plan in mind, tell Emiri to go back to the shop on her own.

Thing went as usual until Makoto and Izumi arrived at the shop and it was from there that she finds out that Hiromi was kidnapped by a single individual after she ran away from Makoto. Fortunately for the professor and the researcher, Emiri immediately know the location of where Hiromi is and figure out that Karen is all behind the kidnapping.

Arriving at the mansion, Emiri confronts her sister after the latter gave Izumi a bloody nose with a single punch. Angered, Emiri proceed to give Karen a beat down that she won't even forget for a while. After the incident, Emiri apologies to Makoto and co. because her sister had done something like this.

A few months later, the soulriser was redesigned to the current, smartphone-like form thanks to the Nishina siblings. This was later mentioned by Kogami to both You and Yuka in the second season of the anime.



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