The name or term King Joe refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see King Joe.
Clala Thorn
クララ・ソーン, Kurara Sōn
Nickname(s) Lady Joe
Kaiju Girl Alias King Joe
Designed by Yuji Tani
Gender Female
Blood Type B
Date of Birth January 7
Affiliation GIRLS
First Appearance Flying Higher!
Voiced by Suzuko Mimori

King Joe (Japanese: キングジョー, Kingu Jō), real name Clala Thorn (Japanese: クララ・ソーン, Kurara Sōn), is a character from the Kaiju Girls series.



An America-born kaiju girl, Clala is described to be an eye-catching beauty. She has the model career.


Clala is a sketchy person, who usually won't speak much but deep inside, she is cheerful.


Compare to other kaiju girls, Clala has more, monstrous strength and nearly indestructible armors. She also has the ability to fly, as well as the detachable floating bits around her waist.

Most of the time, however, she often relies on her raw strength, and she will angry whenever someone decided to point it out, especially Miko.


In Flying Higher!, Clala, along with other kaiju girls, helps Adelina to thwarted the eco-terrorist group's plan.

In The Man Who Returned, she joins Makoto and Sora to rescue Madoka who is stuck in a landslide. While at there, they were attacked by the shadow beasts and only to be saved by Shinya and his kaiju girl teammates.

After the incident, Clala continues her model career until one of her fans went rampage after being possessed by the shadow mist. She eventually joins with the other kaiju girls to fight against Shadow General and her grunts.