Bemular only appears as a silhouette in the first Kaiju Girls anime.

Bemular is based on the first Kaiju that Ultraman fought in the series.


Bemular has a tanned skin, lilac eyes and a shoulder-length light blue hair.


Bemular is cool-headed. She likes snack foods.


Mio is a kaiju girl who inherited the kaiju soul of Bemular, and is the first identified kaiju girl prior to the others.

A private detective who runs her own detective agency "Blue Comet",

She has Dark and Troubled Past due to her nature as a kaiju girl as she awoken it as a child, and the series of events led to her hating herself and had no hope on her and other people co-existing together.

One day, however, she saved a young girl, Jun Hiyoshi, from drowning in the river using her abilities in what now called the Mishirushi river flood incident. It was from there that Mio realized, that she and the girls with similar abilities can help people using the abilities they have. After the incident, she reveals her identity as what now known as a kaiju girl, to the public, and this helps the establishment of GIRLS.


  • In reference of being the first Kaiju Ultraman fought, Bemular is one of the first identified Kaiju Girls
  • Some official art also depicts Bemular riding a motorbike.


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