The name or term Agira refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Agira.
Aki Miyashita
宮下 アキ, Miyashita Aki


Agira casual

Kaiju Girl Alias Agira
Designed by Jiro Tomioka
Gender Female
Blood Type O
Age 16
Date of Birth May 12
Affiliation GIRLS
First Appearance We're Kaiju Girls!?
Voiced by Riho Iida

Agira (Japanese: アギラ, Agira), real name Aki Miyashita (Japanese: 宮下 アキ, Miyashita Aki) is the protagonist of the Kaiju Girls anime series.



Aki has an orange fiery hair and green eyes. her eyelids are always hanging.

Aki wears her old school uniform as her casual outfit.


Aki is initially a timid girl who does not speak much, and keeps a low profile, she eventually manages to work with everyone else as comrades and grows with confidence.


After finding out she inherited the soul of a kaiju, Aki was enrolled into GIRLS. There she quickly became friends with her fellow freshmen Reika and Miku.


  • Aki refers herself as Boku (僕), which is commonly used by premature boys as an informal manner to address themselves in Japanese.
  • Riho Iida would later portray a robot name Partel in Ultraman Orb: The Origin Saga.