ASCII Media Works is a subsidiary company of Kadokawa, it is in charge of the most well-known iteration of the Kaiju anthropomorphization project, with a wide range of characters based on Ultra Kaijus dubbed Kaiju Girls.


  • Kaiju Girls Anime
  • Kaiju Girls Black
  • Musics
    • Joujou ↑↑ GAO !! 
    • Kaiju Heart
    • Soul-ride ON!
    • P!P!P! Pigmon
    • Kaiju: put your hands up!
    • Forgive me, kay?
    • Guts ga koko ni aru kagiri
    • Futari no Potential
    • Sunny You
  • Beginning stories
  • Kaiju Girls Novel
  • Galaxy Days manga
  • Kaiju Girls ~Ultra Special Training Campaign~ mobile game
  • Video game crossovers
    • MonMusu Harem
    • Knights Chronicle
    • Ange Vierge
    • Seisen Cerberus
    • Bahamut Greed
  • Cards in the Battle Spirits trading card game
  • Figures by PLEX and FREEing